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The Question I Asked Him

from The Man I Might Become, edited by Bruce Shenitz (Marlowe and Company) 

“ . . . Peter M. Krask’s wrenching coming out may fit a stereotype of troubled gay-son-straight father relations, but his essay expands our understanding of the emotional costs incurred by these rifts.” - Andrew Holleran

“. . . The Man I Might Become offers an essential reading experience for every gay man coming to terms with his father, his family, and his own future as a man—and for any reader (straight or gay, parent or child) curious about the ways that we live with the legacy of our fathers.” - Library Journal

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The Way the Stars Come Home

from Wrestling with the Angel edited by Brian Bouldrey (Riverhead Books)

“Their essays are both intensely personal and partisan. They rise off the page like rambunctious prayers, reflecting not only the spiritual hunger brought on by the new millennium, but also the fact that we can no more choose our God than we can our sexuality.” - GoodReads

“This collection confronts questions that are too frequently ignored by the devout but which must be tackled by any religion that claims to be universal.” - Karen Armstrong


Theater Work

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With Blood, With Ink - An Opera in One Act 

Music by Daniel Crozier  Libretto by Peter M. Krask

“The opera is strongly organized, dramatically powerful, inventively framed . . . With Blood, With Ink is gripping, dramatic and philosophically relevant.” - Opera News

“ . . . a tightly constructed opera in nine scenes, centered on a charismatic real-life heroine, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, a 17th-century Mexican nun and poet.  Mr. Krask’s spare, dramatic libretto seamlessly incorporates some of Juana’s poetry . . . with  . . . strong theatrical devices.” - The Wall Street Journal

“ . . .  a remarkably vital and stageworthy work.  Despite the youth of Crozier and Krask when they conceived it, virtually every creative decision was so astutely gauged that you might think they were old hands at the opera game . . . Krask’s libretto intelligently compresses the facts . . . “ - Journal of the Music Critics Association of North America

“ . . . a drama that explores the tyranny of paternalistic hierarchy and the still relevant issues of political fundamentalism versus intellectual rationalism . . . ideas even more timely in 2014.  Krask’s libretto offer some arresting verbal moments . . . a flawless and imaginative libretto . . . rich with lovely and thrilling moments.” - D Magazine

“Krask’s libretto is a marvel of organization and literary excellence. Libretti have sunk many an operatic ship, but here the opera sails on Krask’s well-crafted framework.” - Theater Jones

“ . . . a fascinating and moving music drama . . .  of contrast, intrigue and, most important, emotive power and dignity . . .  masterful story-telling throughout . . . Krask resists standard archetypes and two-dimensional characterizations . . . “ - Fanfare

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The Language of Birds - An Opera in Two Acts

Music by John Kennedy  Libretto by Peter M. Krask Commissioned by The Sarasota Opera

“ . . .  charming . . . proved to be a persuasive piece of musical drama . . .  a beguiling addition to the genre.” - St. Petersburg Times

“It is no easy task to create an opera matched to young performers that is artful enough to engage a sophisticated adult audience . . .  a youth opera of great note . . .  the wit of the libretto, excellent throughout . . . drew cheers from the audience.” - Sarasota Herald Tribune

Other Works

Rendezvous of Light,  an adaptation of Calvino’s Invisible Cities, and From the Diary of Kaspar Hauser, The Child of Europe.  

Professional Writing Services

Peter M. Krask is available for a wide range of custom professional writing services for students, artists, and other individuals, as well as businesses. Services include: freelance writing, content development, document editing, grant proposal and report writing,  and creative proposal/project development. Resumé and work samples available upon request. Contact me