Urban Forest: A Nocturne

Urban Forest: A Nocturne

Urban Forest: A Nocturne is a photo essay that explores the intimate relationship between the built urban environment of New York City and the natural world which is the city’s true, if often hidden, or at least unobserved, life. Photographed at regular intervals over the course of one full year, and, covering the entire island of Manhattan, Urban Forest: A Nocturne explores this mysterious bond by documenting the astonishingly wide variety of trees which populate the city; trees which live in close - almost intimate - proximity to their human neighbors; trees which take on a vivid quicksilver presence - elusive figures from a life lived in dreams - as dusk descends and the city drapes itself in night. Encompassing 200 images, of which excerpts are shown, Urban Forest: A Nocturne is available in limited edition individual archival pigment prints. A large format bound book of the entire portfolio will be available in early spring 2016.