Post Meridian

Post Meridian

Post Meridian is a photographic essay begun one late afternoon in Siena, Italy, of which these are selection. It is available as either limited edition individual archival pigment prints or in a 96-page 8”x10” bound book.

From the Introduction:

Meridian is a word that functions in different realms: time, direction, the literary, and medicine. Time: noon. Direction: relating to or situated at a meridian: the meridian moon. Literary: of the period of greatest splendor or vigor. Medicine: in acupuncture, one of twelve pathways in the body through which vitality is said to flow.

In his book, Italian Hours, in which he described his youthful Grand Tour of Italy, Henry James remarked thus: “In Siena, everything has moved past its meridian.” 

Late in the day. A church in Italy. It is the same as in all the others. Always, the quiet. It is a quiet that has density, weight, a physical presence. It is a quiet that has to be moved through. It is a quiet that has to be parted like heavy drapes are parted, pushed through, one hand seeking a solid edge that won’t be grasped just yet, and a soft rustling like leaves soughing and sighing, and then one steps into light, pauses, and then stands deep in the light, deep in the afternoon.